Hi there

My name is Reinis.

I’m balancing creativity with usability in the design of “everyday stuff” for the web.

I’m currently User Experience Designer at Printify.

I think that design main purpose is to provide functionality to the user in clear visual communication. Starting from public transport map, smart home app and gadget manuals till bank account overview.

UX designer Reinis Pauliņš

About me

Keeping things simple since 1988.

In a world moving fast I try to keep things simple. Making sense of complexity in digital products and creating simple and easily understandable design solutions. That’s my goal.

I bring expertise and knowledge in a variety of fields such as product design, user interface design, prototyping, design thinking, user experience design and visual design. I am glad that I have given an opportunity to work with such companies as TWINO, Lattelecom and freelance variety of scale side projects for Sonarworks, Aelita Leto and others.

I believe if you look beyond the limits of your profession you will find the needed inspiration and answers.


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